I write about music, marketing, fashion, politics, and pop culture. I got my BA in Written Arts at Bard College and for my thesis I wrote a book of poetry about serial killers and the internet called Terminal.

Selected clips:

Katy Perry On Reconciling Her Sexuality With Her Religious Upbringing, The Fader, 2017

A Eulogy for New York Summer, Medium, 2017

Princess Nokia Takes Us Back in Time with Double Feature Visuals, Rehab Online Mag, 2017

From Yacht Clubs To Lil Yachty: The History Of Nautica And Hip-Hop, UpRoxx, 2016

True Life: I Carried Harry Potter's Corpse Around America, Paper Magazine, 2016

Sex With 2 Joshs, Hypocrite Reader (Issue 62 – Doubles), 2016