I write about music, marketing, fashion. I got my BA in Written Arts at Bard College and for my thesis I wrote a book of poetry about serial killers and the internet called Terminal.

Selected clips:

Princess Nokia Takes Us Back in Time with Double Feature Visuals, Rehab Online Mag, 2017

From Yacht Clubs To Lil Yachty: The History Of Nautica And Hip-Hop, UpRoxx, 2016

True Life: I Carried Harry Potter's Corpse Around America, Paper Magazine, 2016

Sex With 2 Joshs, Hypocrite Reader (Issue 62 – Doubles), 2016

7 Boss Women in Music You Need to Hear According to AlunaGeorge, Genius, 2016

The Top 10 Drake Samples of All Time, Genius, 2015

¿es el cenote profundo?, Hypocrite Reader (Issue 37 – Fashion), 2014